Connect with #ContentWeapons listing:

How many ways can your customers connect with or find you? Below is a list of ways to do that with Content Weapons.

  2. Alexa
  4. Browser Notifications (OneSignal)
  5. Business Cards (NFC)
  6. Contact Chat (Forms suck!)
  7. Cody Dyson(Echo Chamber)
  8. Ella Uhr (Echo Chamber)
  9. Glyph
  10. Google Assistant
  11. Google Lens
  12. Google Play Books
  13. Google Search
  14. Ideals.News
  15. Instagram
  16. James J. Hanks(Echo Chamber)
  17. Jennifer A. Reeves(Echo Chamber)
  18. Kindle
  19. Latest News (Notifications)
  20. LinkedIn
  21. Medium
  22. Molly Nijmeijer(Echo Chamber)
  23. Pintrest
  24. Podbean
  25. TheStrategist
  26. Tumblr
  27. Twitter
  28. Youtube
  29. Zappar

If the above list is more than the number of ways your customers can find you or find out about you, please contact Michael Stattelman today for an explosion of opportunities for your business, organization or non-profit.

J. Michael Stattelman (The Content Weapons Arms Dealer)