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Business and technology do not care about your feelings, the marketplace views “Nostalgia” as nice feeling generated by memories of old family pictures and not a success mindset for tomorrows organizations. This new tech is being deployed by so many others already and some you even use yourself quite possibly without even being aware of. The implementations of such are happening in organizations of all sizes and the smart ones are doing it without even coming close to breaking the bank with these initiatives. I have listed below a few of the some basics in the domain of Content Weapons.

Content Comments

A few professionals who got a first look at the pre-release copy of Content Weapons, share their opinions.

Psychoacoustic Hiding

Natural Language Understanding

Automated Journalism

Weaponized Information

#contentweapons Excerpt:

“Advanced communication is what made/makes humanity the APEX species of planet earth. Not just that we can communicate but that we have taken extreme measures to evolve and hone every aspect of it. Nothing on earth rivals the power of intentional thought with the exception of words. Consider for a minute the energy storage capacity of a well-formed sentence, delivered at the perfect moment to an individual or collective of receptive minds. Time, distance or generation do not depreciate their impact. If technology existed that could store energy in the manner that the human vocabulary has mastered, we could build vessels that had the potential to reach the ends of the universe. Think about, Every great and horrific moment in our history.

They have all started with just that, well formed sentences. Whether it was leaders the likes of Gandhi, Kennedy or Churchill. Writers and speakers like Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Eric Thomas or Gary V. Musicians from the Beatles to Bob Marley. Their words and accompanying atmosphere move volumes of humans to do, be or change something. The evolutionary nature of communication ranging from delivery systems to meta-signals has surpassed far beyond the fathomable of generations prior.

Humanity has leveraged verbiage, images, sound and video to not only unlock but UNLEASH the latent powers of the human mind allowing us to trigger behaviors and emotions with surgical precision. Every aspect of every angle is open for exploitation. Color, Sentiment, Tone, Frequency and Beats per minute. All things verbal and non-verbal, everything read, heard, seen, spoken and felt. Meta-communication, Color Theory, Cognitive semiotics, Meta Messaging, Paralanguage, Gestures and Personal lexicon are all fields of research that with their coordinated energies and frequencies relate to the ascending stages of impact at varied orders and levels on the minds of those to which they are directed.

It is my opinion that we have just scratched the surface for the potential of communication, and I cannot wait to see how far we can go in my lifetime.”

J. Michael Stattelman